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What are advance directives?

Regardless of age, residents of Florida should prepare for the future. In some cases, this means having an advance directive in place. Today we will take a look at what advance directives are. This includes their purpose, how you use them and more.  Merriam-Webster...

New veteran benefits for 2020

As 2020 picks up steam, you may want to review your available veteran benefits. The government has made updates for the new year that may result in higher pay or new programs for you. These are the most notable updated veteran benefits to know for 2020. Disability...

Do you need a healthcare proxy?

As you age, it becomes even more essential to consider planning out how you want others to care for you. In Florida, the population of seniors is rising, and as it does, so is the need for documenting healthcare wants and needs. When you think about how you see your...