Your parents are almost ready to retire in Florida. While you feel excited for them to enjoy their golden years, you may worry about their ability to take care of themselves as they get age.

DailyCaring offers useful tips for starting a discussion about care planning. Learn how to sit down with your parents and have a constructive conversation about helping them live healthy, productive elderly lives.

Create guidelines for yourself

Have a conversation with yourself before you have one with your parents. Specifically, outline what you want to say. Remember the importance of having an open mind, and be respectful of your parents’ wishes.

Have compassion

How would you feel if you were in your parents’ position right now? Let your mother and father know your concern comes from a place of love and that you only want them to be happy. Become an active listener, and never feel you are the authority about what your parents need in regards to care planning and management.

Involve the right people

Depending on family dynamics, you may want to have this conversation with your siblings or other family members willing to help your parents remain comfortable and safe as they age. No matter who else becomes involved, it is best to have the conversation in a quiet place when everyone has plenty of time to speak their piece and listen.

Consult a professional

It could be a good idea to talk with a therapist, doctor, senior center representative or social worker about what you and your parents need to consider regarding elderly care. Professionals can help ensure you do everything right the first time.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.