If you served in the military, you may qualify for some unique benefits that could enhance your quality of life. The vast majority of benefits for military veterans come through the federal Department of Veterans Affairs, but there may be local Florida programs you could also qualify for. Going through the VA system to learn about and access benefits is often a complicated process. However, it may help to have an overview of the types of benefits you may pursue.

According to Military One Source, a veteran who has a record of completed military service and an honorable discharge may qualify for a variety of benefits. Many of these benefits relate to health care. For example, some veterans may qualify for health care coverage through the VA medical benefits plan and/or the Transition Assistance Management Program. If you experienced a disabling injury during military service, you may qualify for additional tax-free benefits designed to improve your independence and quality of life. Counseling for mental health issues may also be available.

There are several additional types of military benefits unrelated to health care. For example, some veterans may qualify for educational funds and opportunities through the GI Bill. Your military services may allow you to access low-cost term life insurance. If you want to buy a home, you may get the best loan terms through a VA-guaranteed mortgage. Some types of military service qualify for retirement or pension benefits. You may also be eligible for the Military Funeral Honors program that provides ceremonial honors and other burial arrangements for veterans.

This overview of veterans’ benefits is intended to be educational and should not be interpreted as legal advice.