When searching for a quality care facility for your loved one, you may worry that they are not equipped to deal with the daily needs of a senior with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Keeping a close eye on certain aspects of a facility can help you determine the best match for a long-term solution. 

Safe environment  

When you first step into a possible home, make sure to take note of how clean the floors and other areas are. According to FindLaw, every facility should also have routine checks to make sure any residents are not wandering away from the grounds. 

Many places also offer activities for the elderly to attend. These events can help members feel less lonely and detached, along with helping to encourage socializing. 

Caring staff 

When dealing with elderly residents who have memory issues, it is best to look for a group of staff members who are patient and direct. Talking to anyone who administers drugs or provides in-person medical care can help you determine if the facility is the right fit for your loved one. 

Since the majority of interaction each day comes from the staff, you should make sure that they understand your needs and concerns on behalf of the person with Alzheimer’s. Visiting multiple times on different days may help you grasp more about the level of care provided. 

Medical diligence 

Knowing about the site’s usual response to a medical emergency is also imperative. Since elderly people tend to need extra care, it is best to learn ahead of time what the facility’s policies on situations such as physical therapy or pharmaceuticals are. After learning, discuss these policies with your loved one so that he or she understands what to expect.