A professional guardian is someone whose job it is to serve as a guardian for individuals the court feels are not competent to handle their own affairs. To serve as a professional guardian, you need to meet certain requirements set by the state.

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs explains that registration as a professional guardian requires submitting documentation, obtaining training and meeting other obligations. You must register with the state to work in this profession.


You will need to complete a professional guardian course, which is a 40-hour program. Courses are available throughout the state. After training, you must pass the Florida Professional Guardian Examination, which covers professional standards in a multiple-choice format. You will receive a letter that indicates you passed the exam. You will need to submit this with your application.


You will need to submit to a background check, which requires fingerprinting. You also need to submit a credit report and complete the registration paperwork with the Office of Public & Professional Guardians. Do note that your background check, credit report and the registration application will all require fees that you must pay.

Other requirements

One last thing you must do is obtain a $50,000 blanket bond. You will need to secure this through a bonding company. Costs may vary for this insurance.

Once you have all of the required information, you can submit it with your registration application. If the agency approves your application to become a guardian, you will receive a registration certificate and a card stating you are a professional guardian.