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Wills And Trusts Are The Bedrock Of An Estate Plan

When people think of wills and trusts, they often imagine the challenges of probate and the hard decisions they will need to make. These difficulties can be emotionally challenging and may stoke division among family members. Thankfully, experienced estate planning help can make the process straightforward and harmonious.

At TLC Law, we work to make the will and trust creation process as easy as possible. Our staff works closely with families throughout Florida to understand their concerns and goals. Based on these candid discussions, we give clients an individualized plan for their estate. You can talk to one of our team members in a free consultation by calling us at 813-949-1001 .

How Can A Will Help You?

While nearly everyone has heard that having a will is an integral part of an estate plan, few people understand the specific benefits that a will can provide. A will allows you to express your wishes for your how your estate will be handled after your death, such as who will receive what property and who will be appointed to carry out the duties of the will. In addition to laying out preferences on what happens to your assets, a will can also give you a space to express your deepest sentiments towards your loved ones. Without a will, your estate will enter intestate succession, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process in the probate court.

A well-written will may allow you to transfer your assets quickly and avoid expensive tax obligations. Because of these benefits, it is crucial that you have an estate planning professional guide you through the process of creating and updating your will. Our team has years of estate planning experience that we will use to help you create the best possible will.

Trusts Are A Complex And Useful Tool

A trust is a legal instrument that allows you to transfer your assets to a trustee. With a trustee in control of your assets, you can easily transfer ownership of your property without going through probate or paying excessive taxes. Additionally, a trust can also give you the privacy and security that your family may want.

We will help you understand the benefits of creating a trust and if a trust would be useful for your situation. Our team can also help you select a trustee who can manage your trust and ensure that you are protected as you age.

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